In case of emergency

Need medical aid?

If you need medical treatment (in case of illnesses, injuries or different complications) you can call ambulance using emergency phone number 03 or turn to the airport first aid post.

Health professionals assist the sick, disabled and people with reduced mobility while boarding or unloading.

Belgorod Airport First Aid Post

Phone:  +7 (4722) 34-17-13


If you have lost your child at the airport, please contact the personnel of Airport Service for Arrangement of Passenger Carriage. You can also contact Police Department and organize the search of a missing child.  At the airport police officers stay on-post 24 hours a day.

Police Department

Phone: +7 (4722) 34-16-86

Problem with a visa or passport?

If you have any problems with a visa or passport you should contact the representatives of Border and Customs Services at the airport.

Border and Customs Services

Phone: +7 (4722) 34-31-82

Problem with a ticket?

If you have lost your air ticket before your departure you should contact the agency where you bought the air ticket. Sometimes the agency is authorized to write out an air ticket copy and sometimes only the airline representative office can do it. If you have lost the ticket at the destination point you should contact the airline representative office.

If your ticket has been damaged (stained with paint, lost flight coupons, the ticket cannot be read and etc.) the airline is entitled to refuse you to fly. In this case you should better contact the agency where you bought the air ticket for copying it. In order to obtain a copy of your air ticket it is necessary for you to write an application which means that you agree to reimburse any expenses of the airline in case your air ticket will be used by a third party. Some airlines exact a fine for the copy of your air ticket. Duplicate tickets are non-refundable.

Problem with luggage?

If your luggage has been lost on arrival or damaged you should contact your airline representative.