Flight check-in, passport and customs control

When you buy an air ticket you should ask the airline representative about valid restrictions and regulations of your flight. Different air carriers have their own terms of service in particular the conditions of luggage carriage. There are also a number of generally accepted rules.

All passengers must be checked-in before boarding. As soon as check-in has been announced you will have to pass through the passport and customs control to get a boarding pass and check-in your luggage.

International passengers pass through the passport control at the checkpoints and show the documents confirming the right to cross the Russian border.

Before going through the customs control we kindly ask you to read carefully the rules of the Russian customs and follow them. You can find information about these rules on our website. If you have any questions you can contact the customs service representatives.

Veterinary and Phyto-Sanitary Service controls import and export of animals and plants. If you plan to carry an animal with you it is necessary to inform the airline representative about it when purchasing an air ticket. It is allowed to carry dogs, cats, small tame domestic animals and birds by air. The conditions of your pet carriage you can coordinate with the airline.

The weight of free luggage allowance is set by the airline. There are definite weight and size limits, the number of luggage places that can be taken aboard by one passenger.