Passengers with reduced mobility (PRM)

There are a lot of spatial services for passengerswith reduced mobility in Belgorod international Airport.

Special parking spaces, ramps and toilets have been furnished for this category of passengers. The passenger terminal as well as the international and domestic airlines arrival and departure areas (and also business lounge) are equipped with spacious elevators. Specialized equipment (low floor bus) is available for bringing passengers on board.

If necessary, you can address to the first-aid post of airport.

We recommend you in advance, not later than 3 days before the flight, turn to the airport by address Belgorog, B. Khmelnitskogo 166 or tel. 23-57-77 with the aim to inquire the information, necessary for planning of your trip.

It will help us to plan our resources and give you recommendations for simplifying of the procedures in the airport.

It should be borne in mind that: before reserving and purchasing of a ticket, inform the Airline carrier or the Agent about the special services and assistance you will need in the airport and during the flight. You should inform about it not later than 48 hours prior the flight.

You can report the date and the number of the flight, the name of airline company, describe the nature of your invalidity, necessary assistance, whether you take your invalid carriage with you (its sizes; whether it is folded or not; if it has an accumulator – what kind of accumulator it is), crutches or a guide dog and give contact information for connecting with you.

As consistent withArticle 25 of the Federal aviation regulations “General regulations for air transporting of passengers, luggage, cargos and requirements for servicing of passengers, cargo shippers, cargo receivers”,a passenger should coordinate with the Airline carrier transporting of:

  • severely ill passenger
  • an ill passenger on a stretcher
  • an unaccompanied deaf passenger
  • a blind passenger with a guide dog
  • unaccompanied blind and/or deaf passenger, which will be transported under the care of the carrier
  • a passenger, whose ability to move when using an air transport is limited and/or whose condition demands special attention (a passenger with limited excursion).

An Airline carrier has the right to refuse or permit to transport a passenger with reduced mobility.

Agents of airport :

  • provide an invalid carriage
  • follow a passenger with reduced mobility
  • assistant in passing of border control, customs control and other
  • assistant in boarding
  • control a check-in of baggage.